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We want to make sure that keeping track of your electricity costs is as easy as possible. That’s why we have a bill layout explaining all the different elements of an electricity bill.

We issue a customer bill every 3 months for electricity you have used. Payment is due within 14 days and you can choose from a range of payment options.

Payment Methods


Direct Debit

Monthly Direct Debit
This is perfect if you want to spread out the cost of your electricity into smaller monthly payments so you don’t get higher bills in Winter. You agree to the amount to pay each month and you can make a saving of up to £40 a year. That’s a 4% discount on your bills.

Quarterly Direct Debit
If you would prefer to pay every 3 months then you can pay 14 days after the bill date and save up to £26 a year. That’s a 2.5% discount on your bill.

It only takes around 3 minutes to sign up to Direct Debit. Remember that’s potentially a saving of £40.



This is a quick and easy way to pay your bill online using your debit card with no need for registration.


Switch or Debit card

Pay your bill over the phone in a matter of minutes.


By Post

Write a cheque payable to Power NI Ltd and pop it in the freepost envelope that is provided with your bill along with the bill tear-off section.


Any Post Office

You can pay in your local Post Office. Cheques should be made payable to Post Office Ltd.


Any PayPoint outlet

To find your nearest outlet visit www.paypoint.co.uk . Please note that only cash payments will be accepted.


Any bank

Bank of Ireland do not charge for this service but some other banks may charge. Ask at your local bank if they charge or not.


Forget bills completely, use our ‘pay as you go’ Keypad instead.

As a Power NI customer you will benefit from cheaper electricity with a 2.5% discount off every unit of electricity you use. You will have the flexibility to ‘pay as you go’ as you can ‘top-up’ whenever you want, just like you would for a mobile phone. You can buy top-ups 24/7 online or over the telephone, at agents operating with PayPoint or Payzone and now at your local Post Office.

Over a quarter of a million homes in Northern Ireland get discounted electricity through our Keypad so make sure you are not missing out.

If you happen to lose your FREEPOST envelope, you can pay your bill quickly and easily using one of our automated payment methods above. If you prefer to pay by post, send your cheque to the following address:

Power NI, FREEPOST BEL3391, PO Box 847, BELFAST, BT9 5NG

High Bills

If you receive a higher-than-usual bill, many customers suspect their meter may be faulty, however this is very rarely the case. Before calling our Helpline about a high bill please check you have considered the following:

  • Was your last bill estimated (it may have been a low estimate and this bill is only now ‘catching up’ on actual readings)?
  • Are you comparing a winter bill to a summer bill? After all it’s only natural to use more electricity when the days are shorter and nights longer.
  • Has there been a recent change of routine at home? Maybe you’ve had a new child or a university graduate has moved back home.
  • Have you installed any new equipment, for example a tumble drier or an electric heater?
  • If you have carried out these checks and still think your bill is too high, please get in touch and we will do all we can to sort out any problems there and then.

If you have missed the NIE meter reader and would like to submit your latest meter reading click here.