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Landlords and Tenants


If you are renting in a new location you will also need to contact us so that you don’t end up paying the previous tenant’s electricity bills. You will need to tell us your landlord or estate agent’s name and phone number and your employer’s name and phone number.

Ideal for tenants – a Power NI Keypad

Keypad meters take the hassle out of paying for electricity and are ideally suited to living in shared accommodation.

Similar to a top-up for your mobile phone, you simply buy electricity over the phone, on our website, at your local Post Office or PayPoint outlet or using our FREE Keypad app.

The benefits are clear:

  • As an Power NI Keypad customer you will benefit from cheaper electricity with a 2.5% discount off every unit of electricity you use.
  • You will have the flexibility to ‘pay as you go’ where you can ‘top-up’ whenever you want, just like you would for a mobile phone.
  • No more arguments about who signs for the electricity, as everyone in the house is equally responsible for payment.
  • No bills.
  • No deposit.
  • Free installation.
  • You can opt for an ‘Eco Keypad’ at no extra cost, so that all your electricity will be supplied from renewable energy sources.

Call today to arrange your free Keypad installation 03457 455 455

Shared Properties

Your Keypad needs to be ‘topped-up’ enough to cover any periods when you may not be in the house. If the electricity runs out, alarm systems may cause noise issues and chilled foods may be spoiled.

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Keypads are ideal for rented properties as all tenants are held equally responsible for the electricity used in a property. Tenants are also responsible for any outstanding balance or credit at the end of the tenancy. The balance will not be passed on to the landlord, but will instead be forwarded to the tenants or students’ home addresses, if required.
Unfortunately it is not possible to fit a Keypad meter to all electrical installations. In particular they are not permitted in Registered HMO properties with more than two occupants.