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Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Fed up with expensive oil bills?

Reduce your home heating cost by up to 40% with an air source heat pump.

What is an air source heat pump?
Air source heat pumps extract renewable energy in the form of heat from the air to provide all your hot water and home heating needs.

Air source heat pumps are suitable and cost effective in new build projects and can also be retrofitted with minimal disruption. An air source heat pump can be paired with existing radiators without the need for resizing. You also have the option of installing ‘SmartRad’ radiators that have been designed specifically to work alongside a heat pump.

Is there any government funding available to me?
Yes, you can apply for £1,700 off the cost of the heat pump from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme funded by the government.

We expect that from April 2014 the government will also introduce the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will reward heat pump owners with a cash payment and grant support for every unit of renewable heat produced.

For more information or to apply for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment please find the following information on the nidirect website:

RHPP information | RHPP eligibility | RHPP process | RHPP terms and conditions

What can heat pumps do for me?

  • In the context of ever rising energy costs and climate change, every household is in need of a heating technology that cost-effective and independent of fossil fuels.
  • You are eligible for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme. From April 2014 you will also be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI).
  • Heat pumps are a excellent option where gas is not available.
  • Can reduce your home heating costs by up to 40% in comparison to an oil fired heating system.
  • Heat pumps are among the most efficient heating and hot water systems available today.

Why choose Power NI?

  • We install high quality, high efficiency, locally manufactured Dimplex heat pumps.
  • Bespoke heating system design for each home.
  • Option of installing Dimplex ‘SmartRad’ radiators that have been specifically designed to optimise heat pump performance.
  • We offer an extended 3 year warranty.
  • We are MCS approved.
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