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Why are some bills higher than others?

Here are the most common reasons for a higher than expected bill.

Estimated readings

Was your last bill based on an estimated reading? It may have been too low and this bill is simply ‘catching up’.

A change in operating hours?

Even 1 hour extra per day can add 15% to your bills.

A change in routine?

Is equipment being left on over-night that was previously switched off at closing time? Has someone changed the settings on your heating/air conditioning?

New equipment?

Additional electric heating, air conditioning, refrigeration or lighting usually means more units being used and bigger bills.

Seasonal changes?

Are you comparing a winter bill to a summer bill?

It’s also quite common to get a higher bill in winter when heating and lighting are used for longer periods.

A longer billing period?

Quarterly bills are usually based on a 91 day period (3 months). Occasionally meters are read early or late, for example if there were access problems or to avoid holiday closures. This can result in you getting a bill for a longer period, making it higher than usual.