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Understanding my bill (larger users)

We offer larger users tailor-made packages that are even more competitive than before. We’ve over 1,000 larger businesses getting personalised contracts which include renewable ‘green’ energy options and cash back tariffs.  Such customers are billed monthly and this is how your bill is made up.

Large business bill

  1. Customer name and billing address – if this is not correct please let us know.
  2. Premises supplied.
  3. For your convenience we provide a full breakdown of the units used on a separate page.
  4. Here you will find your key account information including Account Number, Meter Point Reference Number and Tariff. Larger users are usually billed monthly.
  5. This shows the full breakdown of your bill calculation. The rates depend on your tariff and contract status. We offer discount for paying by direct debit and for customers on a 1, 2 or 3 year contract. We can also offer you a ‘green energy’ contract which is exempt from Climate Change Levy. Please ask us for a quote.
  6. Availability Charge is based on the capacity of your electricity supply. For new and increased supplies it is based on the size of supply requested. For other supplies it is based on your Maximum Demand.
  7. Energy Price Adjustment (EPA) applies to Variable Price tariffs and ensures you pay the latest market rate. It can be a debit or credit adjustment depending on wholesale price changes in the Single Electricity Market during the previous month. If you prefer more stability we can offer you a ‘Fixed Price’ contract with no EPA.
  8. Your account status is shown including the balance before this bill.
  9. This is the amount now due on your account and should be paid by the due date shown at the top of the bill. Your opening balance and any payments or adjustments made since the last bill are shown above.
  10. This area normally contains a Giro payment slip to allow you to pay the bill,  unless you pay by Direct Debit when it is left blank.
  11. You will find more information on the back of the bill.