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Energy saving advice for the manufacturing sector

Our friends at The Carbon Trust offer great energy saving advice for the manufacturing sector. Check out these no cost and low-cost tips that could help you save on your electricity costs:


  • Most industrial sites require weekly boiler checks to troubleshoot any problems. A poorly maintained boiler can consume 10% more energy than one that has been well maintained
  • Boilers are at their most efficient when operating at their maximum firing rate. If the business needs different rates of heat for different processes, it might be worth considering having several small boilers rather than one large one

Compressed air

  • Check frequently for leaks – industrial sites often have compressed air leakage rates of up to 30%, wasting considerable amounts of energy and money
  • If a compressor is not being used, then make sure that it is switched off. Pay particular attention to compressors at the end of shifts or over weekends. An idling compressor can still use up to 40% of its full load
  • Up to 90% of the heat generated by a compressor can be used to heat water or air. Consider whether the heat generated can be re-used to keep things dry or heat a space in the warehouse or workshop

Motors and drives

  • Motors consume an estimated quarter of the electrical energy used by manufacturing sites. A fully loaded motor typically consumes its purchase cost in electricity in 30-40 days – always consider the whole lifecycle cost before buying a new motor
  • Carrying out regular maintenance can reduce energy consumption by as much as 7%
  • A VSD (variable speed drive) is an electronic device that can vary the speed of motor-driven equipment, such as a compressor, fan or pump. Reduce a motor’s speed with a VSD by 20% and energy consumption can drop by 50%

Further help

If you would like more energy saving advice for the manufacturing sector, check out the Carbon Trust website here.