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Energy saving advice for the hospitality sector

Our friends at The Carbon Trust offer great energy saving advice for the hospitality sector. Check out these no cost and low-cost tips that could help you save on your electricity costs: 


  • A regularly serviced boiler could potentially save 5% on annual heating costs. Gas-fired boilers should be serviced once a year; oil boilers twice a year
  • Some areas in larger buildings require different levels of heating. A solution is to create ‘zones’ in the building where separate time and temperature controls are installed. Zoned areas will provide closer, more efficient heating control which can improve comfort conditions and save on costs:
    • Restaurants could zone their building to take into account the different temperature requirements of the main restaurant, kitchen and storage areas
    • Hotels with zoned areas could turn heating down or even off on unoccupied floors
    • Pubs could zone the main lounge areas and function rooms separately


  • Doors left open in cooled storerooms can account for up to 30% of the energy used, this can be minimised by fitting self-closing doors
  • 10-15% can be saved by increasing frozen food store temperature from -25°C to -20°C

Compressed air

  • Compressed air is used as a power source for many processes and can be extremely costly, an idling compressor can still use up to 40% of its full load
  • Reuse waste heat – up to 90% of heat generated by a compressor can be used to heat water or air

Further help

If you would like more energy saving advice for the hospitality sector, check out the Carbon Trust website here.