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How do I get a quotation for a new or increased supply?

Initially you must contact the network operator, NIE Networks, to discuss your requirements and agree the size of supply (Maximum Import Capacity). Here are a few things you may wish to consider when dealing with NIE Networks:

  • For small supplies (under 70kVA) the meter you choose will determine the quarterly tariff you will be billed on. On your application to NIE Networks please specify a Popular (T031), Nightsaver (T032) or Weekender (T033) meter. For more advice on tariffs click here.
  • For larger supplies (over 70kVA) a monthly tariff will apply. These have significantly higher Standing and Availability charges than under 70kVA supplies (approximately £2.50/month for each kVA of supply requested).

It is therefore important to accurately assess the size of supply required, otherwise the person signing for supply may incur unnecessarily high ongoing costs.