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Pricing announcement FAQs 2016

What are the key facts?

Power NI is cutting tariff rates to it’s 31,000 small business and farm customers by around 10%[1] . The price decrease ranges from 7.5% to 11% depending on the tariff.

This will save a typical small business around £200 a year (using 15,000 units p.a. on the Popular tariff). The actual saving for each customer will depend on their tariff and pattern of consumption.

Prices are now the lowest they have been since April 2004 in real terms (allowing for inflation).

The main driver for this is lower gas prices which is the main fuel used in local power stations.

The new rates will apply from 1 April 2016 and will be seen in quarterly bills from 1 July onwards for electricity used during the previous 3 months. This will vary for individual customers depending on their scheduled meter reading date.

Online discount remains at 2% which means Energy Online customers get a total of 6% discount (4% direct debit discount + 2% online discount)

Unlike other suppliers Power NI’s small business and farm tariff rates are scrutinised by the Regulator, so our customers can be assured that they’re paying a fair price, always.

NI small businesses prices remain at the EU average and slightly below Republic of Ireland. We are also cheaper than Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal.

All customers will get a letter shortly confirming their new tariff rates.

The majority of larger ‘deregulated’ customers[2] are on personalised contracts with a mix of 'fixed price' and 'market tracker' products.


[1]. Applies to small business and farm tariffs for customers using less than 50,000 units (around £7,500 a year).

[2]. Customers using more than 50,000 units are classified as ‘deregulated’ and are eligible for different tariff rates and a personal contract.

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