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What is a Pay As You Go Meter (PAYG), how can this help me with my account if I am behind in my bills and payments?

A PAYG Meter is a great way to budget your electricity account, if you are struggling to keep on top of all your household bills.  The Payment & Account Resolutions Team can install a PAYG Meter into your home, to help you manage your electricity account; it means its one less bill that you have to worry about.

The balance on your account will be transferred onto your PAYG Meter, and recovered at 40%.  Meaning each time you have to top up your PAYG Meter, 40% will go towards your outstanding balance and 60% towards your electricity usage.

E.G.  £10 top up on PAYG Meter, £4.00 to pay off balance, £6.00 for usage. 

The Payment & Accounts Resolution Team will carry out a few checks to ensure your current meter is compatible for a PAYG Meter.

Please note that our PAYG meter is user friendly, there is extended friendly credit on all our PAYG meters…. This means that if the credit is running low on your meter, the meter will beep once you credit is below £1.00.  To stop the beep, please press the # button.

This beep is letting you know your meter is about to run out of credit, all meters have a £1 emergency credit feature.. Therefore once you get to £0.00 on your meter.  £1 emergency credit will automatically kick in, once this emergency credit runs out your  electricity supply will self disconnect.  However if your emergency credit runs out after 4pm Monday to Friday – your supply will not self disconnect to the following morning at 8am, giving you plenty of time to top up your meter.  Please note if your emergency credit runs out, on a Friday at 4pm, your meter will self disconnect Monday at 8am.  Also your meter will never self disconnect on a bank holiday.

Power NI has a PAYG App meaning you can top up your meter easily via your mobile phone or electronic device.