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How do I check my Perks cashback balance?

To check your cashback balance all you need to do is sign in to your Power NI Perks account.

Once you are signed into your Power NI Perks account, click on ‘My Account’ at the top right hand side of your screen and select ‘Cashback’ from the left-side navigation. Here, you will be able to view cashback earnt since joining Power NI Perks, the amount of cashback you have withdrawn to date and your available balance (how much money is left to be withdrawn).

Please note that a transaction can take up to 11 days to track and to appear on your account; this will appear as ‘Pending’. The status can take up to 90 days to change to ‘Confirmed’. If the purchase was made over 11 days ago and does not appear as ‘Pending’ or that over 90 days the status has not changed to ‘Confirmed’ please contact Power NI Perks partner, Xexec, using the details below. They will be able to answer all queries in relation to any purchases you made on the Power NI Perks site.

Phone: 020 8201 6483

Email address: [email protected]