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How does cashback work with Power NI Perks?

To find out how cashback works with Power NI Perks watch our video below or follow these simple steps:

  • To make cashback on your purchases visit
  • Sign into your account with your email address and password (if you haven’t registered for Power NI Perks click on register)
  • Select cashback from the menu and click on the brand that you would like to receive cashback for
  • Please note: It’s important to read the terms and conditions before purchasing a top up card as these will vary depending on the retailer
  • Select the ‘Visit’ button
  • After selecting the ‘Visit’ button a message will appear on screen. Once you have read these terms and conditions click on the ‘Visit & get cashback’ button.
  • You will be taken to the retailer’s website where your discount will be tracked. Make sure not to exit out of the site or your cashback won’t be tracked
  • Purchase the products you’re interested in on the retailers website and checkout as normal
  • The cashback owed to you will appear in your Perks account. Time will vary depending on the retailer.

You can transfer this money into your bank account by clicking on the ‘Withdraw Cashback’ button and entering your bank details.

How does Cashback work with Power NI Perks?