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Price Change FAQs

We are updating our prices from 1st October 2019. Questions and answers about this price change can be found below.

When will the price change happen?

The price change will take effect from Tuesday 1st October 2019.

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What is Power NI doing to help customers who may have difficulty in paying their energy bills?

Power NI offers a range of discounted payment options for savings year in year out. Energy Online, the paperless billing option, can save you up to £60* each year and offers a range of online account facilities to make managing your energy, easy.

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Why does Power NI not offer similar deals to the competition?

Power NI is a regulated company which means our prices are set and agreed with the utility regulator for Northern Ireland. Which means that while we can’t offer introductory offers and deals like other suppliers it does mean that the price you pay with Power NI is both fair and competitive.

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How do I find out more about this change to rates?

For more information about this recent change to rates, visit

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