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Price Change

What is the price change?

It is an increase of 5.6%. This 5.6% increase is our first price increase since 2013 and is unfortunately unavoidable due to increases in the costs of producing electricity, such as the cost of fuel used in power stations. It means a typical bill will go up by £2.21 per month which is equivalent to 7pper day and for Keypad customers this will be a typical increase of £2.16 per month, less than 7p per day. Despite this increase, Power NI prices will still be about £80 lower than they were in 2013

This is the lowest increase of any of the main UK suppliers. Power NI prices are still significantly lower than average prices of the main suppliers in GB; Republic or Ireland and across Europe.

[22% lower than GB UK average; 27% lower than average prices in Ireland and 16% lower than the EU average].

[Typical bill based on annual consumption of 3,200 kWh inc 5% VAT.  Credit is increasing from £470.06 to £496.61 at Power NI’s standard rate.  Keypad is increasing from £458.30 to £484.18 at Power NI’s Keypad standard rate.]