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Microgeneration tariff

Which meter do I read for ROCs and which meter do I read for export?

For ROCs you read the generation meter that your solar PV installer fitted on the day your panels were installed. For export you read the NIE Networks meter that was installed by NIE Networks

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How do I read my generation (ROCs) meter?

The generation meter reading is the default reading on this meter, the numbers that are automatically displayed on the screen. You do not need to press any buttons. Watch our video below which demonstrates how to read your meter and how to submit your reading via your Microgen Online account.

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When do I need to provide you with meter readings and how will you contact me?

We require a generation meter reading (ROC reading) at the end of March each year and an export meter reading at the end of September each year. Our main method of communicating with you is via email. You will receive an email towards the end of March and the end of September each year requesting a ...

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What do I need to do if I change my bank account or any contact details?

If any of your details change we need to be informed. Please email us at to let us know and we will be in touch.

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How often are ROC payments made?

ROC payments are made annually once Power NI receives the ROCs from Ofgem. End of year generation meter readings are requested at the end of March

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I was guaranteed a fixed price for my ROCs and export for 20 years.

The Power NI Generation Tariff rates for ROCs and export are subject to fluctuation, are approved by the Utility Regulator each year and are published on the Power NI website.

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When do ROC and export prices change?

The tariff year runs from 1October to 30 September each year, with ROC and export prices changing on an annual basis. Prices are approved by the Utility Regulator and are subject to fluctuation each year due to market factors.

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