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How is loft insulation installed?

Our team lay new insulation on top of any existing insulation, so that it meets the new recommended thickness, while leaving a gap at the eaves to allow for ventilation of the roof space. The insulation is placed between the joists and additional layers are cross-laid to ensure there are no gaps.

We also insulate the back of the loft hatch to the same depth as the loft insulation, then secure it and cover it with plastic so it doesn’t slip every time you open the hatch door. It is important that you clear your loft before our team begins installing the insulation material.

We cannot arrange for your loft to be cleared for you. It is important to remember that the insulation will cover the ceiling joists, so you must take care when walking around in the loft.

Take care not to load items directly on the ceiling, between the joists. We can provide walk boards and insulated storage areas, just ask us for details.