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Solar PV FAQ's

Do Power NI sell solar PV?

Power NI sell solar panels. We are a leading provider of solar energy solutions in Northern Ireland, including solar PV and solar water heating. Contact us now to speak with our solar experts.

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Is my property suitable for solar PV? Do I need a south facing roof?

Ideally, your home should have a sloped south facing roof, but find out more information here.

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How long does it take to install solar PV?

In this article you will find out information on how long it takes to install solar pv.

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Is there any servicing involved with solar PV?

Find out information on whether you need to service solar panels installed in your home.

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What happen if I don’t use all the electricity my solar PV panels generate?

As you cannot store the solar electricity, you should try to use it. Find out more here....

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If I move home can I take my solar panels with me?

Find out in this article if you can take solar panels with you when you move home.

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Do I need planning permission to have solar panels installed on my roof?

Find out in this article if you need planning permission to have solar panels installed on your roof.

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If I rent my home can I still have solar panels installed?

Find out information as to whether you can have solar installed in your rented home.

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Do Power NI have any grants for solar PV?

There are currently no grants for solar PV but we can help you claim government incentives which are currently available.

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