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Storm Ophelia

What should I do if my electricity goes off?

If you have lost electricity supply you need to contact NIE Networks who are responsible for dealing with power cuts on 03457 643 643 or you can report a power outage here.

If your electricity goes off:

  • Check your fuses and trip switches, then check if your neighbours are without power. If you can see that your neighbours are also without power you should phone NIE Networks customer helpline on 03457 643 643 or report the outage here 
  • Check that electrical appliances and machinery are switched off at the wall.
  • Leave one light on and leave your fridge/freezer switched on with the door shut to maintain a low temperature.
  • As a source of light, it is advisable to use a torch, oil or gas lamps rather than burning candles. If you must use candles, take extra care and make certain that they are put out before you go to bed.
  • Check on elderly neighbours in your area.
  • Avoid driving your car. If you must drive, be extra careful as street and traffic lights in your local area may be affected.