Help & Support

Switching to Power NI

I've switched - what happens next?

Firstly, thanks for choosing Power NI!

Here's what happens next

1. We'll contact your old supplier and start the switching process. We'll provide them with your meter reading to calculate your final bill.

2. You should receive your Power NI welcome pack within three weeks as confirmation that your switch is complete.   

3. You'll receive your final bill from your old supplier and you should pay this as normal.

4. You should receive your first Power NI bill within approximately 13 weeks.

Pay by Keypad?


Once we have collected all your details, we'll agree a suitable time and date to ring you and complete the switch. We’ll ask you to type a code into your keypad so please ensure you have access to your keypad and a minimum of £2 credit in your meter.

Pay by Direct Debit?


If you're paying by Direct Debit you'll also receive a letter confirming that your bank has been contacted and your new Direct Debit has been set up.

Important things to know


Timings may vary, but everything should happen within 4-8 weeks. We’ll only call you if we need further details or need to rearrange a call back. Your supply won’t be disrupted, even if the switching process takes longer than expected.