'Tis The Season To Save Energy!

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Here at Power NI we want to soften the blow of the festive period on your pockets. Follow these top tips and your home can be merry and bright while saving on your energy bills!


1. Deck the halls with LED lights

Replacing bulbs with LEDs could help save a typical household £40* a year on their bills, so when you're decorating the house and Christmas tree switch to LED lights to reduce your energy consumption.

2. Don’t leave your new gadgets on standby

Do you know that TVs, set top boxes and games consoles can account for around 10% of a typical homes electricity bill? So, if you're taking a winter break or out of the house enjoying the Christmas festivities make sure you turn off all appliances at the plug and you could save up to £35* a year.

3. Turn off your lights when the tree is lit

If your Christmas tree lights are on, turn off your main room lights to maximise the lighting effect and save up to £16* a year. Turn your Christmas lights off when you go out, and when you go to bed.

4. Stuff more than the turkey in the oven

Christmas is a time for big bakes and a lot of cooking. Plan ahead and set aside a day (or a few) to do your cooking in big batches to reduce energy wastage. For example, cooking a few different dishes in the oven could save you around £15* a year.

5. Give your dishwasher a holiday to

A lot of people to fed means a lot of dishes to clean! Using a washing up bowl to wash up plates and cutlery twice rather than having a hot tap running could save you around £25* a year on your energy bills.

6. Put a smart thermostat on your Christmas list

With smart controls you can take control of the heat of your home remotely via mobile app wherever your plans take you this Christmas. This means you'll only use energy when you need it and can always ensure you return to a warm house.

7. Take our free Home Energy Check

There are always more things you can do to save energy. Answer a few simple questions about your home to receive a free personalised report and find out how much money you could potentially save every year by making small improvements to your home.

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 *Energy Saving Trust

Merry Christmas from Power NI!