Control your heating remotely with Netatmo

Take control of your heating on the move! Netatmo can be yours for only at £199 with no hidden charges or subscription fees.


Netatmo is a smart thermostat which is connected to your smart phone allowing you to turn your heating on and off aswell as change the temperature remotely at your convenience.** So if for example you are out and your plans change you will never have to return home again to a cold house or waste money heating an empty one!

Netatmo simply replaces your existing thermostat; there is no need for any extra wiring or connections meaning there is no disruption to your home and it is easily installed in just one hour.

As well as being controlled remotely Netatmo can also adapt to your lifestyle with auto adapt function. This could save you both money and time.

Please note your home needs to have strong wifi for Netatmo to work  

To see if your current boiler is compatible with Netatmo take the compatibility check

Control your heating remotely. Download the App now

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**Temperature can only be changed if connected to wifi/3G or 4G to allow you to connect to the app.