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Renewable Generation

What are ROCs?

ROCs or Renewable Obligation Certificates are virtual certificates which are managed by Ofgem in London. Ofgem act on behalf of NIAUR – they are responsible for approving each system and issuing ROCs each year. ROCs are important for Power NI – all electricity suppliers in the UK need to source a p...

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When can I expect to receive my Export payment?

Export payments are made in late October each year for most of our customers. Delays may be experienced if readings require verification or meters have been changed throughout the year. We therefore advise that a photo of the reading is taken at the time of submission and to inform us of any changes...

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Why does Power NI change the ROC and export price each year?

Power NI offer an annual fixed price for ROCs and export generators up to 50kW. Both prices are considered and approved by the Utility Regulator each year. Prices are subject to fluctuation each year due to market factors.

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