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Why register with Power NI?

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Accurate payments

Payments are based on your meter readings. You’ll be paid for everything you generate* & export.

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Trusted supplier

The supplier you know and trust. We've been supporting generators in Northern Ireland for over 12 years.

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No hidden costs

Our fixed rates are published each October.

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Online account

View your ROC & Export payments at a click of a button within your online Renewable Account.

Renewable Account

Make the most of your renewable system and apply online today

App on a smartphone desktop App on a smartphone mobile
    • Dedicated online Renewable Account
    • Keep a record of all payments
    • Easy management of meter readings for both ROCs and Export
    • View historic meter readings and payment to see how your system is performing
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About Power NI

Powering a sustainable future

Supporting people, protecting our planet and innovating to improve our services for everyone

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100% renewable energy

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Top investors in smart technology

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180K donated to local communities

Upgrade to Green Energy

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Upgrade to Green Energy

Power your home or business with 100% renewable electricity

Powering ahead

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