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Renewable Generation

Which meter is my Generation (ROCs) meter?

Your generation/ROCs meter was fitted by your installer at the time of installation and records all the units that your system generates. Please see below for examples of various types of generation meters.

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Which meter is my NIE Import/Export meter

Your Export meter is the meter that was installed by NIE networks and will normally have "Property of NIE" or "Northern Ireland Electricity" on it.

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Why do I have to provide meter readings to you when my meter is read regularly?

To claim ROCs, Ofgem require a reading from your generation meter. This meter was fitted by your installer and is not read by an NIE Networks meter reader. It is your responsbility to provide this reading when requested in order to make a claim. Similarly, NIE Networks may take your export reading w...

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How do I date time stamp a photo?

Most smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras automatically date time stamp photos. The information is contained in the meta data which can be easily accessed by us and Ofgem when viewing the photo properties.

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Why am I asked to take photos of my meter readings?

Photos may be requested audit purposes, if queries are raised and to validate readings. Photos should always be date time stamped and clearly show both the reading and meter serial number.

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When do I need to provide you with meter readings and how will you contact me?

We require a generation meter reading (ROC reading) at the end of March and an export meter reading in September each year. Our primary method of communcating with you is via email. You will receive an email requesting a reading. Don't worry we will provide instructions on how to submit this reading...

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