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Renewable Generation

Do my Solar Panels need serviced?

Overtime solar panels may become dirty which may reduce generation and need cleaned. You can review your manufacturers guide for further information on how often this may need done along with servicing guidance. Contact your installer for further advice.

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Why aren’t my bills lower if I have solar panels?

You should notice a reduction in your electricity consumption (units) if you use the electricity while your solar panels are generating i.e. during daylight hours. If your consumption increases dramatically over a short period of time this could be an indication that your solar panels are faulty or ...

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Who do I contact if there is a fault with my renewable generator or generation meter?

If you believe that your renewable generator is faulty please contact your systems installers in the first instance. If your installer is no longer trading you can search for an accredited installer via the MCS register alternatively you can also search on the RECC (Renewab...

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What should I do if I add more solar panels to my existing installation?

The RO scheme (Renewables Obligation) is now closed to all new generating capacity since the 31st March 2017. Any additional capacity installed must be completely separate from your current system with a separate generation meter. Any installed additional capacity will only be able to claim fo...

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What do I need to do if I change my bank account or any contact details?

Please email [email protected] or phone 028 9068 5010 to let us know if any of your details have changed. Do not email us with new bank details. Once you have advised us of the change we will instruct you on the steps required to update our records.

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What happens if I move house? What information do I need to provide?

If you are selling your property, please inform us at the earliest possible opportunity so that we my discuss your payments. You can email us at [email protected] or phone us on 028 9068 5010.

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