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Energia Group achieves the Business Working Responsibly Mark

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Our parent group, Energia Group has achieved the Business Working Responsibly mark for responsible and sustainable business practices. The Mark, developed by Business in the Community Ireland and audited by the NSAI, is based on ISO26000. This recognises the work of Energia Group, Energia and Power NI across Ireland.

Some of Ireland’s top companies have achieved the Mark which provides a root to branch review and certification of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability management system across five pillars - Governance, Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community.

Energia Group has achieved the Mark in recognition of its responsible and sustainable business practices across Ireland. These include excellence in Governance, a focus on learning and development programmes aligned to Workplace practices and the development of Marketplace products and services by the Energia and Power NI retail brands that elevate customer engagement and overall experience.

The Mark also recognises the ongoing work of Energia Group in providing green energy and committing to investment in Renewable practices and sustainability as well as the Community focused work of the Group. This all-island focus on communities includes Power NI’s Brighter Communities, Energia’s Community Benefit Funds and broader partnerships with community and grass roots organisations across Ireland.

Commenting on the achievement of the Business Working Responsibly mark, Ian Thom CEO of Energia Group remarked; “This is an important milestone for the Energia Group. It is recognition of our ongoing work in the areas of CSR and sustainability.  These are cornerstones of our strategy as a leading Irish home and business energy provider, and renewable energy investor.

At Energia Group we supply approximately 25% of the island of Ireland’s total electricity requirements and 21% of the island’s total wind power, meeting the energy needs of over 777,000 homes and business customers. Last year we announced our intention to invest over €3 Billion in Irish renewable energy and related systems in the coming years, an investment that will benefit Irish communities, the economy, and also contribute decisively toward decarbonisation, and the protection of our domestic and global environment.

“The awarding of the Business Working Responsibly mark is a statement of our ambition and I am very proud of the Energia Group teams all over Ireland as it is their dedication that has made this possible. This work is core to our business and the communities we serve, and we are committed to continue these efforts as we move into a new decade.”

The Mark is challenging to achieve so I congratulate Energia on getting it. Employees, customers, suppliers and many other stakeholders want to know what companies are doing when it comes to environmental issues, work-life balance, social inclusion and much more. In addition, investors are increasingly asking about a companies’ sustainability credentials when investing, so the Mark is a great measurement and validation for any company.” Tomás Sercovich, CEO Business in the Community Ireland

The Mark is updated on a regular basis so that it keeps in line with changes in best practice in CSR. Independently audited by the NSAI and based on ISO 26000, when achieved the Mark is valid for three years.

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