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Manage your Power NI account

The smarter way to manage your energy

Swipe, touch and tap your way to easier electricity


With an online account you can access account management features to save you time, effort and money. To activate your online account, follow the quick registration steps to access all your information and handy account options.


What can I do in my online account?

Buy top-ups

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Securely save your debit card details and top-up your Keypad online. You don't need to worry about losing a top-up code, you can now reissue your last top-up code in your online account.

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Manage your payments


You can easily update your Direct Debit bank details or make payments to stay on track and pay for the energy you use. 


Monitor the energy you use


If you're a credit customer you can track how much energy you use over the year with handy graphs that show your household energy use. 


Send meter readings


To avoid estimated bills and keep your account up to date you can send us meter readings using your online account. We will tell you when you can do this.


Online account

Already got an online account? Download the Power NI app

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Help and support with your online account

  • What are the features within my online account?
    In our app, you can register for an online account to do the following:
    • Top up your account and make bill payments online
    • Update your Direct Debit bank details (credit customers only)
    • See bills (credit customers only) and letters online
    • See previous top-up codes (Keypad customers only)
    • Access Power NI Perks
    • Send meter readings (credit customers only)
    • Monitor energy use
    • See help and support
    • See and update account details

    If you do not want to register for an Energy Online account, you can top up or pay a bill as a guest. Just click on the ‘Top up or pay a bill without registering’ link at the bottom of the Register or Sign In page.
  • How do I see how much energy I’ve used?
    To see how much energy you are using, click on ‘My Usage’ when you are logged into Energy Online. You will be able to see your electricity use in terms of units, cost and carbon emissions.

    You can compare your energy use from the current year with last year's. You can also compare your energy use with a house similar to yours. To do this, please, make sure you have updated the premises details section in 'My Details' to specify the size of your house and number of people living there.
  • How do I see my bills?
    To see your bills on Energy Online go to 'My Bills'. You can also see your bills from your billing dashboard where you will have the options to save and print them. It is important to download the most up-to-date version of Adobe PDF to do this.
  • How do I register for an online account?
    Visit Energy Online and click register now. Then follow the steps on screen. 

    If you are a credit customer, you will need your 10-digit account number to register for an online account. 

    If you are a Keypad customer, you will need your 19-digit Keypad premise number to register for an online account. 
  • Can I update my personal details online?
    You can change your mailing address, email address and phone number on your Energy Online account.

    To tell us about a change of Direct Debit or bank details, call us on 03457 455 455. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.