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Can I still pay my bill the same way?

Yes, you can continue to pay your bill in the same way.

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Will my Direct Debit amount be deducted as normal from my account?

Yes, there will be no changes to current arrangements.

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Where is my Giro payment slip?

You’ll find your Giro payment slip at the back of your bill. You can bring this to any bank, Post Office or PayPoint outlet.

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I’ve just received my bill. It looks different than normal. Is it legitimate?

Yes, we've have refreshed how our bills look. It contains all the information as before with a number of new and improved features.

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How do I know if estimated or actual reads have been used?

We’ve used handy stickers to clearly show if your bills are based on actual meter readings or if we’ve had to use estimates.

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I have a group bill – how can I see how much electricity each site has used?

To keep things simple, we’ve summarised the usage and charges for all your sites. If you'd like more detail, we've also given you a breakdown that includes the billing period, tariff and meter details for each site.

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I have a monthly bill - how can I see more information on my usage?

We’ve made things easy for you on your bill by showing a colourful breakdown of your daily usage. If you’d like to see more detailed graphs, you can register for Energy Online.

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