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Can I pay my bill by cheque?

Yes. Make your cheque payable to ‘Power NI Limited’, cross it ‘A/C Payee’ and put your Account Number on the back...

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Can I pay my bill at the bank?

Yes, you can pay at any high street bank. Simply bring your complete bill with you and pay the cashier...

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Can I pay my bill by BACS?

Yes, you can pay your bill by BACS electronic transfer of funds. It is important to include some key information with your payment to make sure it is allocated to the correct account...

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How does a group bill work?

The bills for each site are prepared as normal, but instead of being issued individually they are aggregated to form a single, convenient monthly Group Bill...

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Does the group bill contain a breakdown of the charges for each site?

Yes. Each Group Bill clearly shows the units consumed at each site and all of the associated costs.

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What if I have a query about one of the sites on a group bill?

Simply call our Customer Helpline and we’ll be happy to investigate it further...

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What if I only pay part of a group bill?

Your part-payment may not be allocated to the correct sites. This can lead to great difficulties for both parties trying to reconcile payments at a later stage.

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