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Can sites be added or removed from the group account?

Yes. New premises can be added and existing premises removed at any time. Just contact our Customer Helpline and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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What is 'fuel mix'?

Electricity suppliers are required to provide their customers with information about which fuels are used to generate the electricity they use. This information, which is called the fuel mix, will appear as a summary table with electricity bills.

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Should I ignore a letter, SMS, call or email from the Commercial Payment & Accounts Team?

No, the team are trying to contact you to give you an update on your account with Power NI. The sooner we speak to you...

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Can the Commercial Payment & Accounts Resolutions Team disconnect my supply if I don’t pay my electricity bills?

Unfortunately if a commercial customer does not pay their bills and adhere to our payment terms & conditions, their electricity supply can be disconnected. This is always the last resort for the Payment & Accounts Resolutions Team...

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What is a pre-payment meter or Keypad meter, how can this help me with my account if I am behind in my bills and payments?

Unfortunately pre-payment meters are not currently available to commercial customers.

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