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Why are some bills higher than others?

Here are the most common reasons for a higher than expected bill...

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What do I do if I need a copy of my bill?

If you are a Direct Debit customer you can easily sign up to Energy Online, our online billing service, and view the past two years' bills and letters for your account...

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I can't pay my bill

If you’re having difficulties paying a bill please get in touch immediately and we’ll try to agree a payment plan with you to suit your budget...

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I think my meter is faulty

Faulty meters are extremely rare and the reason for an unusually high bill usually lies elsewhere...

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Why should I pay by Direct Debit?

More than half of all commercial customers enjoy the convenience of Direct Debit payments, collected straight from their bank accounts...

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What is Quarterly Direct Debit?

Your bills are issued every quarter (3 months) as usual, but instead of you having to organise payment each time, it is collected from your bank account on the due date...

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What is Monthly Direct Debit?

If you prefer, you can spread your costs over the year, with regular monthly payments...

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