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Power NI Lighting Solutions

See those lighting bills fall and save on your business energy bills today:

Reduce your lighting costs by up to 80%

Benefit from a brighter working environment

Become more energy efficient

Reduce your carbon footprint

What steps are involved?

1. Survey & energy audit:

We look after the entire process including the risk assessment paperwork, onsite deliveries of your new lighting system and collections of your old fittings for recycling. 


2. Pricing & design:

Using the data gathered from our survey, we create a visual representation of rooms, floors and buildings to showcase what the final solution will look like. This is also when we calculate the savings your business can make from the upgrade.

3. Payment options:

We create a payment plan based on repayment of the upgrade. We use the savings you make from the new lighting system to cover the upgrade cost. After this period, you will only pay for the energy consumption from your new system, with savings of up to 80% compared to your existing lighting.

4. Installation & recycling:

We look after the entire process including the risk assessment paperwork, onsite deliveries of your new lighting system and collections of your old fittings for recycling.

Enquire about Lighting Solutions

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Power NI Lighting Solutions?

    Power NI Lighting Solutions is an upgrade to your current lighting system using high quality, energy efficient LEDs. This lighting upgrade requires no upfront cost but uses the savings you make to finance the project. Power NI manage each element of the installation from the planning and design to the onsite delivery and recycling of your old fittings.

  • What type of lighting do you use for the upgrade?

    We use leading suppliers across Europe to ensure you are getting high quality lighting which will have a positive impact on your business.

  • Will I need to close my business for the work to be carried out?

    We will make an assessment on how long it will take to carry out the installation of your lighting upgrade and this will include finding the best time for you and your business. We are available to do evening and weekend installations to minimise disruption.

  • Am I eligible for Power NI Lighting Solutions?

    You could be eligible for a lighting upgrade if you:
    • are a Power NI business customer
    • you spend £1500 a month or more on electricity
    • you haven’t completed a lighting upgrade with us in the last 4 years

    If you meet these requirements please get in touch by emailing [email protected] to see how we can help you upgrade your lighting and save on your electricity bills.

  • Can I pay via Direct Debit?

    Yes, there are several payment options available. This can be discussed with your Key Account Manager during the survey and proposal process.

  • How do I learn more about Power NI Lighting Solutions?

    You can learn more about Power NI Lighting Solutions by emailing [email protected] or by contacting your dedicated Key Account Manager.

  • How do the repayments work?

    Your repayments are made through your savings from the new lighting. If your project has a total cost of £20,000 but you are estimated to make a yearly saving of £8,000 on the new lighting, you will use that saving over 2.5 years to pay off the upgrade (£8,000 x 2.5 years pay back = £20,000).

  • How does Power NI calculate the cost of a lighting upgrade?

    We will run an assessment of your business’ electricity consumption and calculate your new bill with the lighting upgrade. We then work out the cost of the installation and map out a payment plan based on your monthly savings until the upgrade has been paid off.

  • How long does a lighting upgrade take?

    A Lighting Solutions Upgrade from Power NI will differ in requirements for each project, so your timeline will depend on you and your business’ requirements. We aim to have the survey completed and design proposal back to you within 4 weeks. Once this process is complete, we can give a more accurate outline of what will be required for your project and the proposed duration of the installation.

  • What are the benefits of a lighting upgrade?

    By upgrading your lighting your business lighting costs will be reduced and you will be reducing your carbon footprint. Upgrading your lighting can also have a big impact on your employee wellbeing. If you would like more information, have a look at our sister company Energia’s blog post on 5 Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools or Advantages & Disadvantages of LED Lighting for businesses.

  • What are you looking for during the Survey & Power NI Audit? 

    Power NI will complete an audit on your energy consumption, room by room to get a full picture of the amount of energy being used in each part of the building. We will check the current light levels to see if it complies with BS5266-1:2016, the code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises. We also check if the lighting meets the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers guidelines (CIBSE) and energy efficiency, lighting distribution and quality thresholds are all met to ensure the best possible user experience.

  • What do you use my MPRN for?

    We use your MPRN as part of the credit check on the project.

  • What happens after I have paid off the upgrade?

    Once the final repayment has been made through your savings, you will continue to receive your bill but without the repayment cost. In the above example, your monthly bill will be reduced by £666.66 which would have been the repayment. This is the saving on consumption compared to your old lighting.

  • What happens during the Installation and Recycling stage?

    • During the installation, we will assign a Safe Electric Registered contractor to your project. Our contractors will safely remove your old, inefficient lights and replace them with the proposed new LED fittings. This will be in accordance with the installation plan we develop to suit your business and its working hours. We will complete the required paperwork from method statement to risk assessments and we will order the new lighting products needed to complete your project.
    • We will be there to manage and check the delivery of your new lighting and we will also organise for your old light fittings to be collected by an appropriate source to ensure they are correctly recycled.
    • From this point we will complete the installation and ensure there is as little disruption to your business as possible.

  • What happens during the pricing and design stage?

    • We will use the data we gathered during the Survey and Energy Audit stage to build a render of what your finished upgrade will look like using DIALux, a leading programme for planning, calculating and visualizing light. DIALux superimpose the CAD data of other architectural programmes and create a bespoke lighting design for your project by drawing from the electronic luminaire catalogues of the world's leading luminaire manufacturers.
    • We can build a repayment plan for the consumption data we captured, that ties in with the savings you make through the upgrade. This means the cost of the programme is fully financed through your monthly bills rather than having to pay upfront for capital.

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By submitting this form you consent to Power NI contacting you in relation to this enquiry. For details on how we use your information, please view our Privacy Statement.