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Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, you can use our 'Pay my bill' online facility in Energy Online. All you need is your Account Number from your bill and your credit or debit card. You can also register for an Energy Online account to store your card details for faster payments.

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Why should I pay by Direct Debit?

More than half of all commercial customers enjoy the convenience of Direct Debit payments, collected straight from their bank accounts...

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What is Quarterly Direct Debit?

Your bills are issued every quarter (3 months) as usual, but instead of you having to organise payment each time, it is collected from your bank account on the due date...

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What is Monthly Direct Debit?

If you prefer, you can spread your costs over the year, with regular monthly payments...

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Understanding my bill (small users)

This is a sample of a quarterly bill for a typical small business customer on our Popular tariff...

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Understanding my bill (larger users)

We offer larger users tailor-made packages that are even more competitive than before...

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How much VAT do I pay?

Generally speaking, electricity used for commercial purposes is subject to VAT at 20%. However the actual rate you pay depends on how much electricity you use, what you use it for, and whether you are a registered charity...

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