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Understanding my bill (small users)

This is a sample of a quarterly bill for a typical small business customer on our Popular tariff.

Small business bill

  1. Customer name and billing address – if this is not correct please let us know.
  2. Premises supplied.
  3. Meter Number – this should match the number shown on the front of your meter.
  4. Meter readings and units used – the dates of these meter readings are shown as the ’Billing Period’ above.
  5. This area is used for additional meter reading information, for example to explain that a reading is estimated.
  6. Here you will find your key account information including Account Number, Meter Point Reference Number and Tariff.
  7. This shows the full breakdown of your bill calculation.
  8. This shows your opening balance and any payments or adjustments made since the last bill.
  9. This is the amount now due on your account and should be paid by the due date shown above, unless you pay by Direct Debit.
  10. This area normally contains a Giro payment slip to allow you to pay the bill, unless you pay by Direct Debit when it is left blank.
  11. You will find more information on the back of the bill.