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Will my meter still be read?

NIE Networks, who is responsible for reading meters, have stated that from Friday 16 October 2020 at 18:00 the following changes will come into effect:

Meter Reading

  • Meter reading inside commercial premises will continue, however meter readers will seek permission from each customer prior to entering.    
  • Meter reading at outside meter positions will continue as normal. 

All of these changes will take affect from 18:00 on Friday 16th October and run until 13:00 Saturday 31st October.  This will be reviewed regularly during the next few weeks. 

Metering work

  • All metering work will continue in line with the existing COVID-19 guidance already in place.

For more information please visit the NIE Networks website.

If your business is closed or NIEN are unable to obtain a meter read for your premises, you can still submit your meter reads to us at [email protected]. We would encourage all businesses to submit regular meter reads to ensure you are billed accurately, especially if your consumption has substantially decreased or increased.

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