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Power NI's partnership with Energy Brokers

Power NI is a ‘broker friendly’ supplier. Our team is keen to share their expert knowledge of the Northern Ireland energy market with you to ensure that things go smoothly for you and your clients.

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Why choose Power NI?

Power NI is a ‘broker friendly’ supplier and we offer a dedicated support service to ensure that things go smoothly for both you and your clients...

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How can I manage multiple accounts?

You can now view your clients’ bills, meter readings, consumption details etc. online 24/7 using our Energy Online service...

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Does Power NI pay commission?

Yes, we are happy to pay commission to energy brokers who help us retain and grow our sales profitably. Rates are negotiated on an individual basis.

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Can you provide tailored contracts?

Find out about tailored contracts in this helpful article

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What contract types do you offer?

Find out about the electricity contracts that are offered by Power NI to energy brokers.

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What options do you offer small users?

Discover more information about that options that are available to small electricity users

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