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Energy saving advice for the retail sector

Our friends at The Carbon Trust offer great energy saving advice for the retail sector. Check out these no cost and low-cost tips that could help you save on your electricity costs:

  • A regularly serviced boiler can save as much as 5% on annual heating costs. Gas-fired boilers should be serviced once a year; oil boilers twice a year
  • Regular cleaning of ventilation systems can increase efficiency by as much as 25% compared with unmaintained systems
  • Don’t let heating and cooling operate at the same time. This can be avoided by setting a temperature ‘dead band’ – a wide gap between the temperatures at which heating and cooling cut in
  • If you have an open-door policy, try to keep external doors open only at busy times
  • Avoid over-filling shelves. Apart from the danger of spillage, over-filling may mean that set temperatures have to be lowered in order to maintain safe product conditions

Further help

If you would like more energy saving advice for office-based companies, check out the Carbon Trust website here.