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What is Energy Online?

Energy Online is Power NI’s online, paperless billing service for Direct Debit customers.

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How do I activate my Energy Online account?

Find out information on how to activate our paperless online billing service and receive discounts on your business electricity bills.

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How do I log in?

You can log in to Energy Online via the Energy Online login link on the top right hand corner of every page.

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Do I get any discount going paperless?

Small business tariff customers get an extra 2% discount, on top of the usual Direct Debit discount. Different discounts apply for larger users.

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What are the other benefits of Energy Online?

Energy Online allows you to see up to 2 years bills and payments. You can also use the handy bar charts to track how much you’re using.

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Can I switch back to paper bills?

Yes, you can switch back at any time. Just contact us and we’ll restore your paper bill, but you’ll lose any Energy Online discount you had been getting.

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How long does it take for my Energy Online account to become active?

You’ll get instant access once you complete your registration as we have pre-loaded all your account data.

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How does paperless billing work?

Instead of getting a bill through the post, you get an email notification when a new bill is ready. You then login using a secure password to see the bill details.

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What are the compatibility requirements for Energy Online?

In order to get the best possible experience whilst using Energy Online please consider the following...

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