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Power NI working with Contractors

Find information about how we work with contractors.

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What services does Power NI offer Landlords?

Landlords of commercial properties are often required to sign for the electricity supply in order to maintain security lighting and alarm coverage. At Power NI we recognise the special requirements of landlords and aim to make life as easy as possible for you...

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How does a Landlord or Contractor register for supply?

Once NIE provide you with the Meter Point Registration Number (MPRN) of the new supply please call our Customer Helpline at 03457 455 455 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

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How can I reduce the power rating of a larger supply?

Multirate has monthly standing and availability charges based on the power rating of the supply (around £2.50/month per kVA of Maximum Import Capacity)

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How do I get a quotation for a new or increased supply?

Initially you must contact the network operator, Northern Ireland Electricity, to discuss your requirements and agree the size of supply (Maximum Import Capacity). Here are a few things you may wish to consider when dealing with NIE...

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How do I transfer the supply to a new tenant?

Two days before the new tenant is due to take over please call our Customer Helpline at 03457 455 455. Please have the following information bill when you call...

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Which tariff will I be billed on?

Small supplies (below 70kVA) will be billed on a standard quarterly tariff, for example Popular, Nightsaver or Weekender, depending on the type of meter installed...

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How can a Landlord or Contractor manage multiple accounts?

You can now view the bills, meter readings, consumption details etc. of all your properties online 24/7 using our Energy Online service...

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