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Moving Premises FAQs

How do I register for supply?

It’s easy. Just give us a quick call and have all your information to hand - here's what you need...

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Do I need to pay a security deposit?

We may ask for a deposit as security against payment of your first quarterly bill. It is based on three months’ worth of electricity for your type of business...

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How do I close my account?

Please read your meter before you move out and then call our Customer Helpline. We will close your account and issue you with a final bill based on your meter reading...

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What is the best tariff for my business?

For smaller business with under 70kVA supplies: Popular is best for mixed retail, offices and premises with 9-5 opening hours; Nightsaver is best for...

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What are the payment options?

Direct Debit is our preferred method and we offer discount for paying this way. You may also pay by online by debit/credit card using our FastPay service...

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Why do you need a security deposit?

When you register with us you can use electricity on Day One, but you may not get billed until up to three months later...

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What information do I need to register?

Please have the following when you call...

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