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Will I get monthly or quarterly bills?

Premises with standard meters are billed quarterly (every 3 months). Premises with half-hour meters are billed monthly.

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What are the Energy Plan options?

You may choose a fixed price, variable price plan. You can also opt for Green Energy...

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My Energy Plan is due for renewal. What should I do?

You will be offered a new Energy Plan 28 days before the existing contract expires. All you need to do is accept the new offer by returning the Contract Acceptance Form...

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What is a roll-over contract?

If you do not accept the Energy Plan renewal offer by the due date you will switch to a 12 month roll-over contract with discount off the standard rates.

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What is a half-hour meter?

This is where the usage is measured in half-hour periods (48 a day). This data is then sent by an SMS message so there is normally no need for a meter reader to take a manual reading...

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What is a standard meter?

This is a manually read meter. It can have one, two or three rates depending on the tariff.

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