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Business energy glossary

Maximum demand

In larger supplies the metering records the average kVA during each 30 minute period, when it is called Maximum Demand.

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This is the ‘apparent power’ of a supply. It is calculated by multiplying the voltage (volts) by the current (amps). For example, a 230 volt supply with a current of 100 amps equals 23kVA.

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Availability Charge

This is a monthly charge for providing and maintaining a suitably sized supply for you. It is based on your Chargeable Service Capacity.

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Chargeable Service Capacity (CSC)

This is the power rating your Availability Charge is based on. It is based on the maximum demand recorded during the year and is reviewed on 1 October. For new and increased supplies it may be fixed for a 5 year period, based on the size of supply requested.

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Maximum Import Capacity (MIC)

This is the maximum power rating of your supply recorded by the network operator, Northern Ireland Electricity. If you exceed this you will incur penalty charges and risk blowing the main fuses.

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Single phase supply

Most domestic premises have a single phase supply, with a power rating of 23kVA.

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