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What is the best tariff for my farm?

The majority of small farms are on our standard Home Energy tariff which is best unless you use a significant amount of electricity for farm activities.

For these farms we have two tariffs to choose from, the best one depends on your type of farm:

  • Farm Popular – for farms using more than 5,000 units a year
  • Farm Nightsaver – for farms using more than 10,000 units a year (e.g. dairy, pig, poultry and mushroom farms). Farm Nightsaver provides 7 hours of low cost electricity every day between 1am and 8am (2am and 9am in summertime).

For larger sites where the supply has a power rating of 70kVA or more you may choose from Multirate, Maximum Demand or Market Tracker (sometimes called Pool Price Pass Through). Please call our Customer Helpline for advice on choosing the best one.