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Top tips for saving energy and money in your workplace

Businesses today need to work smarter to stay ahead, and that goes for the way they use energy too. If you lack an energy saving culture, or are just plain wasteful, your bills will be much bigger than they need to be.

Saving energy:

  • reduces your overheads, saving you money
  • makes you more competitive
  • cuts your carbon emissions which is better for the planet

The good news is, it’s not rocket science, and a few small energy saving steps can mean big savings. The Carbon Trust reckon most businesses can save up to 20% by making a few simple changes.

Further help

Our friends at The Carbon Trust offer great energy saving advice to businesses at - check out their free sector specific guides here.

You can save energy at home too!

Check out our top tips here or why not find out if you're an Energy Squirrel, Sheep or Sloth!