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Powering your business

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Discounts on your electricity

Direct Debit

Pay your quarterly bills by Direct Debit and get 4% discount. You can pay the whole bill each quarter or spread the cost with regular monthly payments (applies to small business and farm tariffs only).

Tailored contract

You might be eligible* for a personal contract. This offers extra loyalty discount off our standard  tariff rates. Please contact our Customer Helpline on 03457 455 455.

*Subject to a credit check

Energy Online

Our account management tool, Energy Online, gives quarterly-billed Direct Debit customers a 2% discount on tariff rates. It also offers helpful ways to manage your energy:

  • 24/7 access to your account
  • check your latest balance, bills and payments
  • monitor your usage
  • no more paper bills - much better for the environment
  • manage multiple accounts with a single login – ideal for landlords, energy managers and group sites

Sign up for Energy Online and start saving!

Tariff options

Smaller users
PopularBest for mixed retail, offices and premises with 9-5 opening hours
WeekenderBest for food retail, premises with storage heating or lots of fridges/chillers
NightsaverBest for pubs, restaurants etc. and premises open mainly in the evenings and at the weekend

(These tariffs are available for supplies less than 70kVA)

Larger users
MultirateSeasonal Time Of Day tariff with day, night, winter peak, evening and weekend unit rates
Pass through contractMarket tracker option with no unit rates. Instead half-hour consumption is matched to current wholesale energy prices, network and market charges

Smaller users
Home Energy
Best for farms using up to 5,000 units a year
Farm PopularBest for farms using 5,000 to 10,000 units a year
Farm NightsaverBest for farms using more than 10,000 units a year (e.g. dairy, poultry and pig). This tariff gives 7 hours of low-cost electricity every day between 1am-8am (2am-9am in summertime)

Northern Ireland’s leading energy supplier

With over 90 years’ experience, we know a thing or two about local business. Perhaps that’s why we’re Northern Ireland’s number one energy company with around 40,000 business customers.

  • the largest supplier in NI
  • number 1 for customer service
  • the supplier you know and trust

Meter readings 

Accuracy is everything. NIE Networks read your meter and we bill you every month or three months, depending on your tariff. If you miss the meter reader, you can still provide your readings to us directly.

Flexibility to suit your needs

We hope you’ll want to stay with us for the long-term. But our non-contracted small business customers are free to leave at any time. Not sure if you’re on the best deal? Call our Customer Helpline for advice from our energy experts.

Plain and simple

We never want to complicate things with unnecessary jargon. That’s why we try to make everything simple and easy to understand.

Great customer service

Our customer service advisors in our local contact centres offer fast and friendly advice. They aim to answer 90% of calls within 20 seconds.

All customers are created equal

Some companies will do anything to get you to sign up. We’re not like that. New and existing customers get the same great rates and discounts. 

Championing customer service

What really matters to us is the great service we offer. For nine years, we’ve been proud to have the lowest level of complaints out of all the energy suppliers in Northern Ireland!*

*CCNI Complaints and Enquiries Report 2020/2021. **Lowest number of complaints per 10,000 customers.

Saving energy

More than just your energy supplier

The Power NI brand is your guarantee of competitive prices, quality products and the best customer service. We offer customers the same peace of mind when it comes to choosing an installer for energy saving technology in your business or on your farm.

Do you need expert energy saving advice?

Our friends at the Carbon Trust provide free expert advice and support to help you save energy. This includes tips and checklists for saving money, energy management training and case studies. For more details visit their website or phone 0800 085 2005.

Useful contact details:

Power NI:

Contact us

The Consumer Council:

Floor 3 Seatem House, 28 - 32 Alfred St, Belfast BT2 8EN

0800 121 6022

[email protected]