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Important information

It’s important to stay scam aware. Please remember you can always check if emails are legitimate by contacting the organisation directly and asking if they’ve sent them. At Power NI, we are happy for you to contact us if you're ever in doubt. For more information on how to stay safe online, read NI Direct article on online scams.

Code of practice on services for prepayment meter customers

Using your Keypad

A guide to using your ‘pay as you go’ Power NI Keypad

Some important information

For your security 

You will be given two plastic cards with your Keypad meter. These detail your Premise Number and you will need them to buy your electricity ‘top ups’. Never use the plastic card or Premise Number from another property. If you do not have the correct plastic card or Premise Number, please call our Customer Helpline. If you do not use the correct card or Premise Number, you may end up paying off someone else’s arrears.

Remember - Keypad means a guaranteed discount

  • 2.5% discount off the standard rate...forever! 
  • Display to help manage usage and control your energy costs.
  • No additional charges - no rental fee and free installation.
  •  Range of payment options to suit your lifestyle.

 Please note: Occasionally a Keypad meter may not be suitable if you are dependent on life support equipment, due to wiring constraints or meter position.

Buying ‘top ups’ couldn’t be easier!

  • Online at
  • By telephone using our Customer Helpline 03457 455 455 (anytime 24hrs a day).
  • At any Post Office or Paypoint*.
  • Download the Power NI Energy Online App for iPhone and Android.

Please note: The Powercode for all top ups needs entered into your Keypad meter. Other Suppliers may not offer these services.  

* Find your nearest at

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

When you buy a top-up you will be given a Powercode (usually a 20-digit number).

Step 1

Press the * button once on the keypad. The message Key Code will be displayed.

Step 2

Key in all digits of your Powercode. Take your time. If you enter a wrong digit, simply press the * button to go back. 

Step 3

Once all 20-digits are entered press the # button. The message Sending will be displayed. After a few seconds one of the following messages will be displayed: 

  • Accepted - you will hear a ‘happy’ tone. The top-up amount will appear, followed by ‘Account’ and the total credit on the meter - see note on arrears overleaf. 
  • Rejected - you will hear a ‘sad’ tone followed by one of the fault messages below. If this happens wait until the fault message clears and start again from Step 1. 
  • Duplicate - you have entered this Powercode before and cannot use it again. Incorrect - the Powercode has been keyed incorrectly or is for another property. 
  • Error - you have missed a number or entered the Powercode too slowly. 
  • Kblock - the Powercode has been entered incorrectly five times in a row. 
  • Wrong Tar - the price of electricity has changed and you must enter the special 40-digit Powercode.
  • CreditHI - you have too much credit on your meter. Wait a few days and try again.  

Making the most of your Keypad

* Press this before entering Powercodes 

# Press this after entering Powercodes 

# Press this to see the amount of credit left 

1 Credit time left in days 

2 Cost of previous day’s, week’s, month’s use 

Unit rates and number of units used - see note below 

The last five Powercodes entered 

Total money entered into meter 

Electricity being used presently in Kilowatts Pressing 6 lets you see exactly how much electricity you are using right now. By switching appliances on and off, you can see how much the amount of energy being used changes. 

Standing charge repayment rates per day if applicable - see note below 

Highest consumption in any half-hour in last 24hrs and when it occurred - see note below 

Total units used 

0 Display test, time and date  

For Economy 7 Keypads:

  • Button 3 - Unit rates DL (Domestic), CH (Central Heating) and HW (Hot Water). Also Standing Charge rate per day. 
  • Button 7 - Central Heating Indicator.
  • Button 8 - Hot Water Indicator.

Emergency credit

When you turn the low-credit warning sound off you will automatically get £1 emergency credit. If you do not turn the warning sound off, your supply will switch off. Should this happen, simply press any button and your £1 emergency credit will come back on after a few seconds.  

What if my emergency credit runs out?

To give you enough time to buy a ‘top up’, ‘Friendly Credit’ is given automatically on: 

  • Weekdays - if your emergency credit runs out after 4pm, Monday to Thursday, the supply will stay on until 8am* the following day. 
  • Weekends - if your emergency credit runs out after 4pm on a Friday, the supply will stay on until 8am* the following Monday. 
  • Holidays - Friendly Credit will not run out on any of the following dates and your supply will stay on until 8am* the following working day: 1st January, 17th March, 12th July and 25th December.

*11am with Economy 7 and for other tariffs on request. 

Remember, the next time you buy electricity, the amount of Emergency Credit and Friendly Credit used will be deducted from your balance. All times stated are GMT - please add 1 hour during Summer Time.  

Moving house

Remember not to ‘top up’ more than you need when you are making arrangements to move house. This will avoid unused credit being left on your keypad.

Electricity price changes

Powercodes usually have 20-digits. However, when you buy a top-up after a change in electricity prices you will be given a special 40 or 60-digit Powercode. This will credit your Keypad with your ‘top up’ amount plus update it with the new price details. This usually happens only once a year. We will provide you with 21 days notice of any tariff change.

Meter removal

If your meter needs to be changed we will arrange a suitable appointment with you. This work will be completed by NIE Networks within 10 working days. Any credit on the meter at the time of the change will be transferred to your new meter or refunded where applicable.

Pressing all the right buttons 

Handy quick-check buttons 

Use your Keypad to check how much electricity you are using. 

  • Button 1 - This tells you the ‘number of days credit’ left, based on the last week’s usage. This is just a guide as you may use more or less electricity week by week. Please remember, when your meter is first installed it will be one week before this display is accurate. 
  • Button 2 - Pressing this several times tells you how much electricity you used yesterday, last week and last month. Most meters store up to 13 months’ data. 
  • Button 6 - Pressing 6 lets you see exactly how much electricity you are using right now. By switching appliances on and off, you can see how the amount of energy being used changes. On some meters, pressing Button 6 again also shows your consumption in £s and pence.

Customers with arrears

Keypad meters are a useful way to help budget your electricity costs. If we are unable to come to a reasonable payment arrangement, we may install a Keypad meter at your property if it is safe and practical to do so. 

If you have any arrears, a percentage (max. 40%) of each ‘top up’ you buy goes towards reducing the arrears until they are cleared. In order to assist with this, you will be sent an annual account statement and we will let you know as soon as the arrears have been cleared. 

You can also contact our Customer Helpline and make additional payments to reduce the arrears; this may be particularly useful during months of lower usage. 

Remember - it is important to use the correct plastic card and Premise number. Otherwise you may end up paying off someone else’s arrears. 

For tariff enquiries, difficulty with your Keypad Meter or if you want to discuss your arrears repayment please contact our Customer Helpline. Alternate payment methods are available.