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Pay by bill electricity plans

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100% green electricity

Reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet by going green with our Eco Energy tariff. With this tariff, all electricity is sourced entirely from Northern Ireland renewable generators.

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Benefits of switching to Power NI

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100% green energy plans

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Your guide to bill payments and prices

Our pay by bill electricity plan has different payment options available for both new and existing customers.

Bill pay

Payment method Discount Unit rate (excl. VAT) Unit rate (incl. VAT)
Best DealMonthly Direct Debit with Energy Online Up to £60 26.61p* 27.94p*
Quarterly Direct Debit with Energy Online Up to £46 27.04p* 28.39.p*
Standard with Energy Online Up to £20 27.74p* 29.13p*
Quarterly Direct Debit Up to £26 27.60p* 28.98p*
Monthly Direct Debit Up to £40 27.18p* 28.54p*
Standard N/A 28.31p 29.73p

What are the benefits of pay monthly electricity?

Spreads the cost

Avoid large bill amounts in winter months 

Automatic payments

No need to worry about missing payments

Best electricity plan

With savings of up to 6% or £60 per year

Peace of mind

Protected by the direct debit guarantee

What is pay monthly electricity?

Pay monthly electricity is an option available to customers who wish to pay their electricity bill by direct debit. It is based on an estimate of your electricity usage split into equal monthly payment amounts which will be collected from your bank or building society. Pay monthly electricity means you don’t have to pay the entire electricity bill in one go, as it is broken down into smaller, more manageable monthly amounts. This helps to avoid large bills particularly in the winter months.

Even though you will pay monthly for your electricity you will still receive a quarterly bill so that you can view your consumption and keep track of costs over time. If you are a monthly direct debit customer with Energy Online, your quarterly bill will be available in your online account along with previous bills, for up to two years. We will send you an email notification when you have a new bill to view.

What is the difference between monthly & quarterly electricity?

Pay monthly and pay quarterly both offer scheduled direct debits, however the key difference is that:

  • paying quarterly for your electricity means you pay a bill every three months whereas with 
  • paying monthly you will make a regular payment each month of the year.

Monthly Direct Debit
Quarterly Direct Debit

Payment frequency

Choose a payment date between 1st and 28th each month to suit you. 
Your payment will be taken from your bank account 14 days after your bill is produced.

Payment amount 

We look at your historical energy consumption to forecast your costs for the next 12 months.
This will vary depending on how much electricity you've used in the billing period 

Discount applied

4% [2]
2.5% [1]

What you need to switch

To speed through your switch, you’ll need:

A meter reading


Help me find this

Your bank details

Direct debit only

There is no need to contact your current supplier, we will take care of everything for you.

Switch now

A meter reading


If you pay by bill your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) can be found on a recent letter or bill.

If you are a Keypad pay as you go customer then your KPRN (Keypad Point Reference Number) can be found on your Keypad top up card. This is the 19-digit code, displayed on the front of the card.

Your bank details

If you choose to pay by direct debit you will need to have your bank details at hand to switch online

Compare plans & prices

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Compare plans & prices

Still searching for the right electricity plan? View all your options online.

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Our team of energy experts are on hand to find the best fit plan for your home and lifestyle.

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Help & support with bill payment plans

  • What are the Direct Debit options?

    There are two options available if you prefer to pay by Direct Debit: Quarterly and Monthly Direct Debit.
    •Monthly Direct Debit - You pay the same amount each month straight from your bank account.
    •Quarterly Direct Debit - You pay for what you use each quarter straight from your bank account.

  • How is my Direct Debit calculated? 

    If we have your historical energy consumption, we will forecast your energy costs for the next 12 months. If we do not have historical data, we will calculate your monthly payments based on some property details e.g. property type – detached, flat, number of bedrooms, number of rooms in total and number of occupants. This cost is then split into equal amounts to enable you to make regular instalments instead of having to pay the entire bill in one payment.

  • When do you review my Direct Debit?

    Your Monthly Direct Debit is reviewed annually and 6 monthly if it falls within certain parameters. If we think you're paying too much, or not enough, for the energy you've used and what you're likely to use in the future then we'll adjust your Monthly Direct Debit accordingly. We'll let you know about this by email or letter and give you at least 10 working days’ notice of the change.

    • What costs make up my electricity bill?

      Every household is different, however there are common themes that occur in most households regarding energy consumption. Acknowledging which electrical appliances use the most electricity and understanding basic energy saving tips, can have a positive impact in terms of a lower electricity bill.

      • Can I view my bill online?

        You can view your bill online and access lots of other benefits (including savings of up to £60* per year) by registering for our paperless billing service Energy Online.

[1] Quarterly Direct Debit customers get 2.5% discount up to £6.50 per quarter, equivalent to £26 per year. The maximum discount would be obtained by a customer spending £250 each quarter on electricity. To view Power NI standard rates please visit our unit rates page.

[2] Monthly Direct Debit customers get 4% discount up to £10 per quarter, equivalent to £40 per year. The maximum discount would be obtained by a customer spending £250 each quarter on electricity. To view Power NI standard rates please visit our unit rates page.