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You will know you have a keypad pay as you go meter if you purchase keypad top ups either online, at a local shop or post office and input the 16 digit top up code to your meter. You may also buy and transfer your top up amount to your meter via the Power NI Keypad+ app.

Bill Pay

You will know you have a credit meter if you receive a bill and make payments either by direct debit, online, cheque or at the post office.

Standard Rate

A standard rate tariff means you pay a consistent unit rate price that is quoted on your bill or keypad annual statement. While your actual bill or top up amounts will vary based on your electricity usage, you will always be charged at the same unit rate price.

Economy 7

You will know if your tariff is Economy 7 as you will pay different electricity prices depending on the time of day. You will pay cheaper ‘off-peak’ night-time rates to heat your water and storage heaters while during the day you will pay a higher ‘peak’ day rate. Check a recent bill or your keypad annual statement to confirm if you are on an Economy 7 tariff.