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Top benefits of electric cars

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Let’s explore the many advantages of electric cars to see how they benefit you, the communities around you and the environment.

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  • Top 7 benefits of electric cars 
  • Power NI & electric vehicles

Top 7 benefits of electric cars 

Electric cars are improving our lives and communities in lots of different ways. There are seven key benefits that we’ll dig into in more detail:

  • Environmental benefits 
  • Lower costs 
  • Health benefits 
  • Advantages for businesses 
  • Increased convenience 
  • Positive driver experience
  • Future proof 

1. Environment benefits
Perhaps the biggest benefit — and the main driving force behind their increasing popularity — is the impact electric cars have on our environment. Or maybe it’s better to say the impact they don’t have on our environment.

  • Zero emissions. With no exhaust emissions, electric cars don’t pollute the air with carbon dioxide, which is responsible for 60% of the greenhouse effect and is the key cause of climate change. Lower CO2 emissions help us to combat climate change and move towards a carbon-neutral future.
  • Less pollution. Electric cars don’t release any nitrogen oxides — the gases from conventional cars that create smog and air pollution. That means cleaner air and a lower risk of respiratory health problems, particularly in busy cities.
  • Cleaner fuel sources. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, electric cars can run on 100% renewable energy. By choosing electricity from solar, wind and other sustainable energy sources, you can run an electric car that releases zero emissions using energy that was generated without creating any emissions. Much greener and cleaner.

2. Lower costs
There are some significant financial benefits when you buy — but also when you drive — an electric car. There are a few different areas in which electric cars can deliver big savings compared to conventional cars.

  • Lower maintenance costs. Electric cars have far fewer parts than conventional cars, so there are not as many things to go wrong. There are also fewer moving parts. That means less friction, so there’s less wear and tear when running an electric car. With no oil in the engine, you don’t have to worry about changing it. Servicing an electric car is far simpler and cheaper.
  • Lower running costs. It’s cheaper to run an electric car than a petrol or diesel car. On average electric cars costs half as much per miles to drive than petrol cars. This makes them ideal for anyone that drives a lot. If you’re able to use free public charging points, you can reduce electric car running costs to almost nothing.

3. Health benefits 


The increased use of electric cars has significant health benefits, which impact individuals and help to tackle broader public health issues. This is expected to reduce pollution, lower health risks and prevent deaths caused by pollution from conventional vehicles.

  • Cleaner air. An increase in the number of electric cars means fewer petrol and diesel vehicles on our roads. Since electric vehicles don’t release any harmful gases, they reduce air pollution. Improving air quality reduces the risk of asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and premature death. The biggest health benefits are in congested inner city areas, where air quality is often poor.
  • Protecting the vulnerable. It’s often the most vulnerable members of society who are at greatest risk from air pollution. Children, the elderly, unborn babies and people with existing health conditions are most in danger of developing respiratory problems due to air pollution. The move to electric cars helps to protect them.
  • Saving lives. Moving to 100% electric vehicles would save 110,000 lives in the United States alone, according to a report by the American Lung Association. The improvement in air quality would dramatically reduce the number of people dying from pollution-related illnesses. The same report says 2.7 million asthma attacks could be avoided.

4. Business benefits
There are big financial, practical and reputational benefits for businesses that embrace electric vehicles. The advantages of an electric car are only magnified when spread across a business fleet. Plus, there are some additional benefits that are unique to businesses.

  • Lower costs. The financial savings of moving to electric vehicles can be huge for any business running multiple vehicles. The cost per mile savings alone will be substantial given that running an electric van can be half the cost of running a petrol or diesel van. Lower maintenance costs can also be particularly beneficial across a company fleet.
  • Financial incentives. Grants are available to businesses that invest in carbon reduction, including changing to electric vehicles. There are also attractive tax benefits relating to fuel duty, vehicle excise duty, company car tax and other taxes.
  • Better corporate social responsibility. Moving to electric vehicles is a clear, practical and financially viable way for any business to achieve its key environmental targets. It also demonstrates strong corporate social responsibility and a commitment to tackling climate change.

5. More convenient 


Gone are the days of electric cars being more of a hassle to manage than petrol cars. It’s turning full circle so that driving an electric vehicle actually brings with it a lot of nice perks. Your car is parked up 95% of the time, so put that time to use to charge it instead of diverting your journey.

  • Home charging. Most electric car owners can cut out inconvenient stops by charging overnight at home. If you’ve ever started a petrol car and realised you don’t have enough in the tank to get where you need to go — and typically not enough time to stop — you’ll immediately understand the benefits of home charging. Also, charging at home is the best way to fill your electric car and get the cheapest rate per mile.
  • Convenient public charging. With more workplaces, supermarkets and other public places now installing electric car charging stations, you can also conveniently charge when you’re going about your daily routine. No need to go out of your way — just let your car charge while you’re getting on with your day. Electric cars often have extra parking spaces allocated to them. EV spaces are sometimes free and in very convenient locations.
  • Pre-heating. Most electric cars come with a pre-heat system, which means the car is already warm when you start it. A very welcome convenience on a cold winter’s morning in addition to your car being fully charged and ready to go.

6. Positive driving experience 
Something that often comes as a big surprise to people who are new to electric cars is that they’re great to drive. There are a few reasons why electric cars deliver such a great driving experience.

  • Fun and responsive. Electric cars accelerate much faster than petrol or diesel cars. The instant response of an electric motor gets you going sooner and more smoothly than conventional cars.
  • Easy drive. With a lower centre of gravity than conventional cars, electric cars feel like they're hugging the road. This makes for a hugely enjoyable driving experience. You’ve also got no gears to think about, so you can devote more of your attention to just how well the car is handling than you’re able to in a manual petrol or diesel car.
  • Extra comfort. The smoother drive and easier handling also make for a more comfortable drive in an electric car. With no combustion engine noise, journeys are quieter and more relaxed than in petrol or diesel cars. Being new to the market, many electric cars are also equipped with the latest comfort and safety features. 

7. Future proof 
With the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars looming, an electric car gives you an opportunity to future-proof your choice of vehicle. Everyone knows the direction of travel so getting an electric car helps you to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Improving infrastructure. The infrastructure needed to support electric car drivers is developing all the time across Northern Ireland. A network of charging stations is expanding every year and will continue to do so.
  • Updating technology. Most electric cars are designed to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Electric car manufacturers can often share software updates that can be installed remotely so that you always have access to new features.
  • Strong resale value. Electric cars are very desirable and — compared to conventional cars — available in relatively small numbers. The result is that electric cars hold their value very well, which is a nice bonus when you’re ready to switch to a new car.

Power NI & electric cars 

We believe electric cars are the future of transport in Northern Ireland and we’re here to play our part in making the switch to electric seamless. To do that, we’re enhancing some of the key advantages of electric cars.

We’re committed to lowering the costs of running an electric car, so we offer electric vehicle tariffs with low rates for overnight charging. And to increase the level of convenience, we’re installing the world's smallest smart electric car home charger .

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you benefit from an electric car. Discuss EV Tariffs