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Electricity providers in Northern Ireland

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Who are the electricity providers in Northern Ireland?

For homes in Northern Ireland there are several electricity providers who supply and service customers. These providers are:

  • Power NI 

  • Click Energy

  • Budget Energy 

  • Electric Ireland

  • SSE Airtricity

When researching the best electricity provider in NI for your home, it may be helpful to keep in mind what factors are important to you as a customer such as service, price, communication, range of products, customer benefits and rewards, sustainability or community work and corporate social responsibility. 

Reading online feedback and reviews from current or previous customers is a good way to find out more about electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland. You can read reviews on independent sites such as Trustpilot or Google Reviews.

Some electricity providers like Power NI, have been operating in Northern Ireland for over 90 years with a track record in customer care, energy products and services. As the largest electricity supplier in Northern Ireland, Power NI’s electricity prices are regulated meaning that the price of electricity is agreed with the Utility Regulator for Northern Ireland. Find out more about Power NI’s plans and prices and how to become a customer.

Other electricity providers in NI who have more recently launched in the market and with smaller customer numbers are able to offer introductory offers and incentives for switching. To find out if these electricity providers meet your needs you can review their prices and plans on comparison websites such as The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland, or by visiting their websites directly.

Electricity providers for businesses in Northern Ireland are:

  • Power NI

  • Budget Energy

  • Click Energy

  • Electric Ireland

  • LCC Power Ltd

  • SSE Airtricity

  • 3T Power

For business customers you can find out more about our business electricity plans and prices and request a quote online here.

Best electricity provider in NI

The best electricity provider in NI for your home will be one that can meet your expectations on a number of different factors. When there are multiple electricity providers in the market who can all supply your home with electricity, the best way to differentiate between them is to look at what aspects of their products or services are important to you and how well they can meet these.

Customer service and satisfaction for many people is one of the most important considerations when deciding which is the best electricity provider for their home. Choosing an electricity provider that has a good record means you are more likely to enjoy a stress free experience when it comes to managing your electricity. It also means that should you need assistance if an issue arises, they will have the experience to support you or find a solution to your problem. Customer service and satisfaction also comes from how easy it is to contact the electricity provider, their communications in the form of letters, bills and emails as well as tangible features such as an online account, mobile app or innovative products that can make it easier to manage your energy.

Other aspects relating to customer service and satisfaction include range of plans, payment options, customer rewards or incentives and ultimately price. Information on these areas are readily available through research on each electricity supplier's website or comparison sites such as the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland’s website.

There is a growing demand for electricity providers to operate more sustainably as customers want the option of green energy, sourced from renewable generators to help reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore an electricity provider who can offer 100% green energy plans may be the best option for you and your home.

As electricity is essential for everyday life, it may be reassuring to find what electricity providers are doing for vulnerable customers, those in financial distress or those which have dependency on electricity supply for critical care. Speak to our customer care team or read our customer help & support section to find out more about the specific support we can provide.

How to choose an electricity provider in Northern Ireland

When choosing an electricity provider in Northern Ireland it pays to do your homework and researching the suppliers in advance of switching or setting up a new account is a good way of ensuring you are making an informed decision.

  • Ask for help - Speak to our team of energy experts who will be able to give you lots of information and explain in jargon free terms about the plans, prices, products and services available to you. Book a call with our team online.

  • Research online - Sales information, small print and specific pricing details are all available online and can help you understand more about the options available from each electricity provider.

  • Look for overall value - While the price you pay is important, the overall value for money should be considered. This may mean looking for customer reward schemes, green energy plans or smart technology that all add up to an excellent customer experience.

Create a checklist of the areas that are most important to you and use this list to help you compare and choose the best electricity provider for your home and your energy needs:

Electricity provider checklist...

  • Do they receive good reviews online?

  • Do they offer competitive prices?

  • Do they have flexible payment options?

  • Do they offer green electricity?

  • Do they offer customer reward schemes?

  • Do they operate sustainability?

  • Do they have innovative products or smart technology?

  • Do they have low levels of complaints?

  • Do they have a range of ways to communicate?

  • Do they give back to the community?

  • Do they support charities or have corporate social responsibility initiatives?

How can I find out who is rated the best electricity supplier in NI? 

Independent review sites like Trustpilot or Google Reviews can give you a good indication of the experiences of current or previous customers of electricity providers in NI.

Which? takes an annual customer satisfaction survey within the electricity and gas sector, basing questions around customer service, billing, digital tools, value and complaint handling within the electricity sector. 

Which? actually breaks down these responses into 5-star ratings of bill accuracy, bill clarity, customer service, complaints handling and value for money. For the latest results, visit the Which? Website.

The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland produces an annual complaints and enquiries report which details the normal of formal complaints upheld by the Consumer Council in relation to electricity providers in NI. This annual report and more details are available on their website.

What is the difference between electricity providers and NIE Networks?

An electricity provider buys energy and sells it to customers. Electricity providers issue your electricity bill and provide you with customer service, communications and also can offer a range of products and services to help you manage your energy. 

NIE Networks owns the electricity transmission and distribution network and operates the electricity distribution network which transports electricity to Northern Ireland customers.